Tooth Extractions are the removal of teeth from the mouth. Extractions can be done for a number of reasons: extensive decay that has rendered the tooth non-restorable, impacted or problematic wisdom teeth, or to make space for orthodontic treatment, to name a few.

If you have an infected tooth that need to be removed because it is causing you a lot of pain and discomfort, then Smile Center is the best place for you. We offer tooth extraction in Villa Rica, GA using only the latest equipment tools, thus ensuring complete care.

Here are some tips to follow to make recovery easier :

Avoid anything that might prevent normal healing, i.e. bothering the wound.

Don’t rinse your mouth vigorously for the first day.

Apply a cold compress and eat icecream (or other cold foods) for the first day to reduce swelling.

Start warm salt-water rinses the 2nd day, doing the rinses 4-5x daily for 1 week.

Avoid smoking or drinking through a straw for 72 hours.

Follow the diet your dentist suggests.

Ask your dentist about pain medication.

You can brush and floss the other teeth as usual.

For unparalleled services of tooth extraction in Villa Rica visit our dental clinic today!

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