Tooth Extractions are the removal of teeth from the mouth. Extractions can be done for a number of reasons: extensive decay that has rendered the tooth non-restorable, impacted or problematic wisdom teeth, or to make space for orthodontic treatment, to name a few.


Here are some tips to follow to make recovery easier :

Avoid anything that might prevent normal healing, i.e. bothering the wound.

Don’t rinse your mouth vigorously for the first day.

Apply a cold compress and eat ice cream (or other cold foods) for the first day to reduce swelling.

Start warm salt-water rinses the 2nd day, doing the rinses daily for 1 week.

Avoid smoking or drinking through a straw for 72 hours.

Follow the diet your dentist suggests.

Ask your dentist about pain medication.

You can brush and floss the other teeth as usual.


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