9 Major Signs You Need a Root Canal

If you are really worried about your regular toothache and swollen gums, then you probably need dental treatment. In case you have any signs of a root canal, visit the dental clinic to get an x-ray done. This will help identify damage to root. Some of the signs of root canal issue are:

The Pain is Constant

When you feel pain while drinking something hot or cold or feel shoot pain while eating hard food, this can be a sign of root canal.

You Feel Pain in Other Areas

If the root is damaged, it may spread to jaw, face or cheeks, this can be a sign of dangerous infection or root canal issue.

Over the Counter Pain Relief Doesn’t Work

When there is a sensitivity or toothache and nothing helps this can also be a true sign.

There is Swelling Around the Tooth

When you notice swelling in gum area, this can be a sign of root canal. This may hurt while you touch.

There is a foul-tasting discharge

If there is an infection that may rupture to release a foul fluid this also be a cause of root canal issue.

There is no other obvious cause for pain

If you observe some signs of cavity, chip or break and there are pain and swollen gum because of this, you may get to dentist for a root canal.

You have fever

If you have infection or pain in tooth and you feel headache, jaw pain and fever this can be a symptom of root canal.

Inability to sleep

If toothache is disturbing you in your night and you are getting up often in night due to pain, this can be because of root canal problem.

Never ignore signs you need root canal

As soon you observe extreme pain in your tooth, you must make a visit to dental clinic to know if this is symptom of root canal issue. This will help obtain easy treatment as soon as possible.

Author: Smile Center
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