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There are many instances when it is necessary for a patient to seek additional ways to overcome their dental anxiety in order to begin and complete their dental treatment. Because of this, we offer Dental Sedation to our patients so that they may no longer avoid much needed dental procedures and so they may achieve the smile they have always desired.At SCVR, we offer different levels of sedation options depending on types of procedures needed, your overall health and your preference. Dental sedation allows for a more relaxed, comfortable and pain-free treatment setting. Dr. Chauhan discusses in detail, based on different factors, which level of sedation best fits the patient.

Minimal Sedation (Nitrous Oxide Gas)

  • A sedative inhaled through the nose by placing small mask over the nasal area
  • Works well with children
  • Patient is awake but relaxed
  • Patient is able to understand and respond

Mild Sedation (Oral Sedation)

  • Sedative pills or liquid taken by mouth hours leading up to treatment appointment
  • Patient feels drowsy and may fall asleep
  • Patient may or may not remember some of the procedure
  • Adequate for both children and adults

Moderate Sedation (IV Sedation)

IV Sedation Dentistry is becoming more popular today and is enabling patients to overcome their dental fears and anxiety regarding dental treatment. Dr. Chauhan has been certified in providing IV Sedation Dentistry, or Sleep Dentistry, since 2014 after completing courses approved by the American Dental Association followed by passing an on-site exam monitored by the State of Georgia’s Dental Board. This allows for a safe and comfortable setting for his patients to achieve a deeper state of sedation.

  • A Certified Dentist administers medication into the blood through an IV
  • Patients are not unconscious but likely sleep through treatment
  • Patients exhibit little or no memory of the procedures
  • Easily monitored and adjusted as needed
  • Patients must refrain from food or liquids 6 hours prior to sedation appointment
  • Patient must have someone drive them to and from their sedation appointment

Only a small percentage of dentists nationwide are certified in IV sedation and we are happy to be part of a select few that have this option available to our patients.

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