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In House Dental Plan: The Smile Plan

We are happy to offer an option to our patients that do not have dental insurance coverage. The Smile Plan is an in-office discount plan and is specific to our office and provides significant savings on most dental services. How it works:

Annual Fees
*includes complete and exam and x-rays once per year
Additional family member
*14 and older
Child 13 and under
Coverage Table
Basic Services
-Fillings-Root Canal Treatment
-Periodontal Procedures (Deep Cleanings)
-Oral Surgery (Extractions)
Major Services
Exclusions and Limitations
This is an in-office discount plan, not a dental insurance
The Smile Plan cannot be used in any other dental office
The Smile Plan cannot be combined with any other dental insurance
No refunds are issued if participant or family members do not utilize the plan
All payments for treatment are due day of service
If using Care Credit as payment method, a 10% merchant fee will be added
The plan runs for 12 consecutive months from enrollment date
Dental procedures that are covered under automobile, medical or worker’s comp claims are excluded from the Smile Plan
How do I enroll?

Simply complete and sign the enrollment form and pay the membership fee(s).

Do I have to enroll my family members the same day?

No. You have 30 days from your enrollment date to add any additional family members; the enrollment period remains the same.

Do I have to wait for coverage to begin?

Membership is immediate upon enrollment.

Who is eligible to enroll?

All individuals living in a single household are eligible regardless of age or student status.

If I have dental insurance, can I still qualify for the Smile Plan?

This plan cannot be used in combination with any other dental insurance plans.

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