Implants versus dentures and bridges

In Dental Implants, a small titanium cylinder is fixed in the jawbone at the site of the missing tooth. This cylinder gels with the bone tissue to create an artificial root on top of which later an artificial tooth is placed.

Whereas in a dental bridge, crowns are installed onto the natural teeth on either side of the gap. The gap is covered, but the artificial tooth is not really fixed to the jaw. These days dental implants are preferred more than the dentures and bridges. Let us see how:

Bridges- These are quite common and are also known as fixed prosthesis dental restoration. In this the existing teeth on either side of the gap are settled down to act as anchor points to cement a dental fixture. A bridge is a single fixture constructed of three parts, the crowns on either side and the replacement between them is called the pontic. Some bridges can also be removed.

Removable Partial Dentures – As the name suggests, this is a partial denture for multiple teeth as opposed to complete mouth. They are not permanently fixed and are removable. In this type of dental restoration, replacement teeth are attached to pink plastic bases which are connected by metal framework. They attach to the existing teeth with metal hooks or through smaller metal attachments on the existing teeth or the denture.

Removable Complete Dentures- These dentures are more suitable for everyday lifestyles, as they are removable. They do not take much time and can be adjusted to a suitable fit, which allows one to chew and bite with comfort and confidence. They are the best replacement for missing or damaged teeth. Dentures align the teeth properly to strike the balance within the mouth in order to prevent future problems which can arise from the missing teeth.

Resin Bonded Bridge- The resin bonded bridge is mainly used for the front teeth. this bridge is used when the abutment teeth are healthy and don’t have large fillings. This type of bridge shrinks the amount of preparation on the adjacent teeth. They are also called a Maryland bridge, and is a great way to replace a missing tooth.

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