Periodontal Disease – How is it Affecting Your Overall Health?

There is a common association between periodontal disease and the bacteria that causes it. This may further cause issues such as diabetes, stroke and low weight babies.

Implications of the oral-systemic connections

It is often seen that there is an oral-systemic connection. It has been long accepted that periodontal disease may have a direct effect to overall health and thus it is often important for a patient to obtain right periodontal treatment for this at the right time so that infection does not spread to cause issues for other body parts.

Family History / Genetic predisposition for periodontal disease

Studies claim that most of the patient who suffers from periodontal diseases is because of a genetic disorder. People prone to periodontal disease may be because of the person’s race and ethnic background.

What is the oral-systemic association?

When you suffer from oral disease, your body may have the presence of periodontal bacteria which can enter the bloodstream to travel to other parts body causing other infections and health issues.


Atherosclerosis is actually an inflammatory disease. Patients who have Periodontal disease may also have atherosclerosis. It may frequently coexist in the same person.

Adverse Pregnancy outcomes

Often women suffering from periodontal disease may have further issues of preterm births, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, sudden rise of blood pressure in pregnancy, delivery of low birth weight babies and fetal loss.


Periodontal infections can also spread to the neck, chest and lungs. Periodontal bacteria get into the airway which may cause pneumonia.


Periodontal inflammation may also cause the complication of diabetes. When antibiotics are used to reduce gum infections, they are known for diabetes control.

Heart disease

People who suffer from periodontal disease have an infection which may cause a high concentration of pathogens in the blood and thus such people are at greater risk of coronary heart disease.

When you see your dentist

It is thus important to maintain good dental hygiene habits so as to prevent any further dental disease or any health issue in patients. For overall health, manage your oral health.

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